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United Nations Refugee Agency's Refugee-Led Innovation Fund Winner

Navigating Social Business Frontiers with YY Ventures and Yunus France

Embarking on a mission to empower entrepreneurs and alleviate poverty, Bridging Gaps is thrilled to share the inspiring journey and collaboration with YY Ventures and Yunus France. At the heart of this partnership is a shared commitment to fostering social business, leveraging the talents and ideas of young people, and creating a world of three zeros – zero net carbon emission, zero wealth concentration, and zero unemployment.

Our excitement reached new heights as Bridging Gaps was accepted into the East Africa Social Business Ecosystem Builders program initiated by YY Ventures. This program, a beacon for early-stage entrepreneurs fighting carbon emission, poverty, and unemployment, provided Bridging Gaps with a unique opportunity to design its own social business support program.

A significant moment in this journey was our colleague Charlene's participation in the East Africa Social Business Forum on Youth Entrepreneurship in Nairobi. Charlene had the honor of presenting Bridging Gaps to none other than the father of microcredit, Professor Muhammad Yunus. This encounter was a testament to the global impact and recognition of Bridging Gaps' commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and creating positive change.

As part of the East Africa Social Business Ecosystem Builders program, Bridging Gaps joined ten social business support organizations in a two-month-long learning journey. The goal was clear: design a tailored social business support program with expert coaching and guidance, ultimately applying for a matching fund. Out of the entire cohort, Bridging Gaps was selected as one of the organizations to receive this critical support, along with Westerwelle Foundation in Tanzania.

Bridging Gaps remains dedicated to its core focus – connecting entrepreneurs from underserved communities with private sector companies, providing essential financial support, and empowering local entrepreneurs through a human-centered approach. The project, 'Incubating Refugee-led Social Businesses through Entrepreneurship Training and Community Microloans,' exemplifies Bridging Gaps' commitment to creating positive change, incorporating the Seven Principles of Social Business, and supporting entrepreneurs in a refugee settlement in Uganda.

The journey with YY Ventures and Yunus France has been transformative, reinforcing Bridging Gaps' commitment to empowering dreams, fostering collaboration, and creating a more equitable and just world through social business. The recognition and support received through the East Africa Social Business Ecosystem Builders program underscore the global impact and significance of Bridging Gaps' mission. As we look ahead, we are excited to continue this journey, inspired by the vision of three zeros and the belief that positive change begins with empowering individuals and communities.

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