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United Nations Refugee Agency's Refugee-Led Innovation Fund Winner

General Terms and Conditions for Donations to Bridging Gaps Microloans gUG


To use the online donation page of Bridging Gaps Microloans gUG ("Bridging Gaps") the following points/conditions are important:


  • Your donation to Bridging Gaps Microloans gUG is entirely voluntary support. Bridging Gaps accepts the donation as a gift and will use the donation to support underserved communities in the Global South with microloans and entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education. The microcredits as well as the training will be made possible through donations, especially from private companies. By building a global digital platform, donors and underserved communities will be connected. Bridging Gaps Microloans defines underserved communities in the Global South as those that do not have sufficient financial resources to meet their basic needs. These include, for example, access to drinking water, sanitation, healthy nutrition and education, but also access to financial resources and the take-up of economic activities. Territorially, these communities are located in countries or states that are socially, politically and/or economically disadvantaged. Bridging Gaps Microloans uses donations to support underserved communities in the Global South by providing microloans and training in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship skills. Microloans are small-volume loans given to low-income individuals or businesses that do not have sufficient collateral to obtain loans from traditional financial institutions. By granting microloans and providing further training in entrepreneurship and entrepreneur:ing, Bridging Gaps Microloans promotes international development cooperation as well as popular and vocational education.

  • Donors can express a wish as to whom the funds are allocated. A There is no obligation on the part of the non-profit entrepreneurial society to forward the funds to the donor or the recipient. Donors are also informed of this via the website of Bridging Gaps Microloans gUG. The donors turn the funds over to the funding body. The latter allocates funds from its own assets to the funded legal entity on the basis of its own decision and statutory obligation. In this case, there is no receipt for the transmission of an amount on behalf of a payer or payee or both within the meaning of § 1 para. 1 sentence 2 no. 6 ZAG.

  • Upon request, you will receive a donation receipt ("Zuwendungsbestätigung"). We will send you this receipt promptly after the donation as an immediate receipt or as an annual donation receipt by 15 March of the following year. It is important that you provide us with your address. To receive a donation receipt, write an email to


Donation account

The best way to make a donation is through our website. You will then automatically receive a confirmation. If you wish, you will also receive a donation receipt so that you can deduct the donation from your taxes.


For individual donations, please use the following account:


Bank details for donations:

Account owner: Bridging Gaps Microloans gUG

IBAN: DE35 4306 0967 1313 2731 00


GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG

*further details can be provided upon request

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