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United Nations Refugee Agency's Refugee-Led Innovation Fund Winner

Empowering Communities Through Mentorship

In the realm of entrepreneurship, success is often attributed not only to individual determination but also to the invaluable guidance and support provided by mentors. At Bridging Gaps, we recognize the transformative power of mentorship, particularly when it emanates from local visionaries who have triumphed over adversities within their own communities.

Did you know that microloan recipients experience a significantly higher rate of success when they receive mentorship? According to studies cited by Brooks et al. (2017), businesses that are mentored during their formative stages exhibit a remarkable 20% increase in profits compared to those lacking mentorship.

Anthony Banja, a seasoned entrepreneur and one of our longstanding members at Bridging Gaps, exemplifies the spirit of paying it forward. Having benefited from a microloan secured through a grant received by Bridging Gaps from The Athari Group in 2022, Anthony established a print and book shop. His venture not only addresses the challenge of inadequate educational materials within our community but also contributes to local economic growth. By bringing educational resources closer to the community, Anthony's business mitigates the need for individuals to travel long distances, thereby enhancing accessibility.

Anthony's commitment to community development extends beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors. He serves as a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs like Liliana Keji, a 2023 recipient of a microloan through Bridging Gaps' partnership with YY Ventures and Yunus France. Liliana's social business focuses on food market sales, with a unique twist of social responsibility. For every sale made, her business pledges to provide food items to a vulnerable woman within the community. This innovative approach not only addresses food insecurity but also fosters a sense of collective welfare and solidarity.

The mentor-mentee relationship between Anthony and Liliana epitomizes the ethos of community empowerment and collaboration championed by Bridging Gaps. Through mentorship, knowledge transfer, and mutual support, our entrepreneurs are not only achieving personal success but also catalyzing positive change within their communities.

As our entrepreneurs thrive and their businesses flourish, they become catalysts for a ripple effect of empowerment. They transition from mentees to mentors, nurturing the next generation of changemakers and innovators. This virtuous cycle of empowerment lies at the heart of Bridging Gaps' mission to foster sustainable development and prosperity within communities.

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