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United Nations Refugee Agency's Refugee-Led Innovation Fund Winner

Our Journey with the Grameen Creative Lab ImpactXcelerate Program

As Bridging Gaps continues its mission to empower entrepreneurs from the Global South through microloans, our commitment to innovation and collaboration led us to a transformative experience with the Grameen Creative Lab's ImpactXcelerate Program. This initiative, spearheaded by Nobel laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus and creative advisor Hans Reitz, is a beacon for social businesses striving to address society's most pressing needs.

The ImpactXelerate Program, part of the Grameen Creative Lab's multifaceted approach, caught our attention for its focus on accelerating and connecting social impact organizations. As part of this program, Bridging Gaps had the opportunity to participate in a tailored consulting program, receiving invaluable support to make our business model sustainable and set for fast growth.

The program, offering 10 hours of free consulting for 10 social businesses in Germany, exemplifies the lab's dedication to fostering social entrepreneurial skill development and providing personalized mentoring. This resonated deeply with Bridging Gaps, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to creating sustainable opportunities for entrepreneurs in the Global South.

A highlight of our engagement with the Grameen Creative Lab was the social business gathering in Berlin. The event served as a platform to interact with the global social business community, fostering connections and sharing experiences.

Danielle from Bridging Gaps, who attended the gathering, encapsulated the essence of the event:

"Addressing complex social challenges demands diverse perspectives. When talented individuals from around the world sit together, brilliant new ideas can come true."

The Grameen Creative Lab workshop reinforced her belief in the power of collaboration and networking to discover sustainable solutions for today's most pressing challenges.

For Bridging Gaps, the event was especially significant as it took place approximately one year after the official founding of our NGO in Germany. The ImpactXcelerate program came at a pivotal time, showcasing the remarkable results our team has achieved in the past year and propelling us toward even greater impact in the years to come.

In conclusion, our journey with the Grameen Creative Lab's ImpactXelerate Program has been a testament to the power of collaboration, mentorship, and shared vision. As we continue to bridge gaps and empower entrepreneurs globally, we carry with us the inspiration drawn from this transformative experience, fueling our commitment to positive change and social innovation. A very special thank you is extended to Maria Palmieri and the whole Grameen Creative Lab team for their incredible leadership throughout the program.

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