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Anthony is bringing education and work materials to Bidibidi

Anthony was born in 1998. He is from South Sudan and lives in Uganda’s Bidibidi Refugee Settlement. Anthony is receiving a Bridging Gaps microloan provided by Athari Group and this is his story:

"I came to Uganda in 2016 and registered as a refugee at the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement, Yumbe District, Uganda. Since my arrival there was no business opportunity or any other job for me to do to survive as a young person. This has made me face a lot of challenges, especially in terms of ensuring my basic needs like buying clothes, shoes and other commodities. I got married and now have a kid and a family to care for. This is adding even more responsibility on me. I escaped the war in South Sudan without my parents, they were left back in South Sudan and until now I have no idea of their whereabouts. I wake up every morning thinking about how I can buy soap, sugar and clothes for my family. It is a very stressful situation if there are no opportunities and going back to South Sudan with my family is not an option as it isn't safe. Our country is still in crises, both economically and socially. The country is not doing well and that alone keeps on changing my thoughts night and day.

With the help of the microloan, I will open a print and book shop with educational materials for our community. My vision is to have a big stationary that can generate stable financial support to the community and my family. I'm trying to solve the challenge of insufficient educational materials by bringing the stationary closer to the community to avoid long distance movement. I plan to earn money through selling books, envelopes, pens and pencils, typing and printing documents, scanning and lamenting documents.

It gave me a little hope that Afri-Youth Network approached and engaged me in the Bridging Gaps project. I feel a lot of encouragement that I am able to do something for the survival of my family."

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