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United Nations Refugee Agency's Refugee-Led Innovation Fund Winner

To secure food in the local community, Rufas needs:



Enable Rufas to start his refugee farming association.



Introducing "Mariju & Sons Farming Association", an ambitious vision conceived by a group of refugee youth, spearheaded by Rufas Debu, situated in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement Zone 1. This innovative project aims to address the pressing issue of food scarcity within the community by fostering agricultural productivity.


The vision of Mariju & Sons Farming Association is to establish a self-sustaining entity capable of transforming lives and evolving into a prominent community-based organization, catalyzing positive change within the local community. Targeting refugee residents of the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement, alongside members of the host community, and potential business partners from surrounding areas, the project aspires to create a sustainable market for its agricultural produce.


Proposed markets for Mariju & Sons Farming Association include Yumbe town market, Ariju Market, and Bidibidi reception Market, with the farm's location designated at Gboro village in Romog Sub-County, Yumbe district, Uganda.


The innovative aspect of this project lies in Uganda's progressive refugee policy, as refugees can lease portions of fields from Ugandan neighbors and the host community to engage in farming activities.


With your support, Mariju & Sons Farming Association aims to acquire essential resources such as land rental, hand tools, seeds, communication devices, laborer payments, and transportation.


Not only will your contribution help kickstart this agricultural venture, but it will also have a ripple effect, employing more individuals and providing access to fresh, affordable food within the community. Together, let's transform this innovative idea into a tangible reality, fostering positive change and self-sustainability for generations to come.

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