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United Nations Refugee Agency's Refugee-Led Innovation Fund Winner

To promote environmental sustainability in her community, Asmera needs:



Enable Asmera to grow her eco-friendly basket-weaving business.



Life had always been tough for Asmera. Forced to quit school due to her family situation, she faced many challenges. Determined to create a better future for her daughter, she started finding ways and discovered a passion for basket weaving.

Сaring for the environment, Asmera thought about starting a basket weaving business using natural materials like bamboo and grasses:"I have noticed that people use plastic containers for everything and I hear in the news that it’s not healthy and that it destroys the
environment." The main aim of her business - to promote environmental sustainability in her community in Ethiopia. Besides, Asmera's buisness will create employment opportunities for individuals in the community, helping to alleviate unemployment and provide a source of income for local artisans. 

With the help of the microloan from Bridging Gaps, Asmera will be able to gain financial strength and confidence to make more profit and support herself and her family.

Let's help "Asmera’s Basket" to create ecofriendly environment!

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