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United Nations Refugee Agency's Refugee-Led Innovation Fund Winner

To increase clothing supply in her refugee community, Betty needs:



Enable Betty to provide shoes and baby clothing in her community. 



Help Betty's Business Thrive: Support a Refugee Entrepreneur

Welcome to Betty's Business, a venture brought to life by Betty Sunday in the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement. Betty's Business aims to make a difference by providing essential items such as sandals, slippers, and baby dresses to her community. Here's why your support matters:

  • Meeting High Demand: Sandals and slippers are in high demand within the settlement, while offering a sustainable source of income for Betty and her family. Each sale contributes to the growth of the business and ensures financial stability.

  • Supporting Newborns: Baby dresses are a necessity, especially for newborns, in the settlement. By providing these essential items that are currently lacking, Betty's Business plays a crucial role in meeting the needs of families with infants.

  • Nonperishable Goods: The goods selected for Betty's Business are nonperishable, ensuring longevity and minimizing waste. With few competitors in this market, your donation can help Betty's Business stand out and thrive.

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