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United Nations Refugee Agency's Refugee-Led Innovation Fund Winner

To establish shoe-business, Karima needs:



Enable Karima to increase availability of affordable footwear in her community.



In a rural village in Northern Ghana, Karima, a young entrepreneur, faced tremendous challenges. Abused by her uncle for over three years and cast out by her family after becoming pregnant, she found herself alone with her son. Despite these hardships, Karima was determined to turn her passion for footwear and textiles into a small-scale business.

Karima's vision is clear: to provide her community with quality footwear and handmade textiles while generating income for herself and Kwame. She is going to source materials from local suppliers, reducing costs and supporting the community. Her unique, handmade products with cultural significance, personalized customer service, and competitive pricing set her apart.

Her story of success can become a symbol of economic empowerment and cultural pride, transforming the village and preserving local craftsmanship.

Let's help Karima to create not just a business, but a legacy for her son and her community!

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