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United Nations Refugee Agency's Refugee-Led Innovation Fund Winner

Empower Refugees, Build Hope: Donate to Bridging Gaps



Donate to Bridging Gaps, a recognized UNHCR grant recipient, on World Refugee Day 2024


**Scroll down to donate directly to help us reach our overall goal of 10,000€. You can select any amount, starting with 1€ - each contribution counts!**

Millions worldwide face the brutal reality of displacement due to war and persecution. Yet, amidst these immense challenges, refugees and displaced people demonstrate incredible resilience. They are forced to rebuild their lives from scratch in unfamiliar territories, yet their spirit remains unbroken. Globally, 1.4 billion adults lack banking services, making them ineligible for conventional loans. Almost half of these people worldwide live in Sub-Saharan Africa, concentrated in conflict-affected and rural areas where poverty is the hardest to eradicate.

This World Refugee Day, you have the power to stand with them and offer a lifeline of hope.


Your donations to Bridging Gaps are transformed into community microloans that support refugees in the global south to set up sustainable and social businesses to get out of poverty. Our impact doesn't end here: all microloans are paid forward to the community creating a ripple effect to eradicate poverty and create opportunities for the whole community!


Recognizing our impact and efforts, we received the Refugee-led Innovation Grant from UNHCR and  we are proudly contributing to the initiatives and campaigns around World Refugee Day 2024! 


Join us and donate to support our refugee entrepreneurs today! 

With your generous contribution you are not only becoming part of our impactful community, but you will greatly contribute to give crucial financial aid that refugee entrepreneurs in global south settlements would otherwise not receive. You will contribute to help them rebuild their lives and communities, one bridge at a time, one business at a time. 


Why Invest in Refugee-Led Businesses? Empowering Refugees and Building a Brighter Future on Earth!


Here, your donation provides crucial support that empowers refugees on multiple levels:


Financial Independence: Interest-free microloans empower refugees to launch or expand businesses, generating income and building a brighter future for themselves and their families. They gain the dignity of self-reliance and the ability to control their own destiny.


Skill Development: Our comprehensive mentorship and training programs equip entrepreneurs with essential business skills, fostering confidence and long-term success. They learn valuable tools to navigate challenges and build sustainable businesses.


Long-Term Impact: Through our innovative pay-it-forward model, repaid loans empower new entrepreneurs, creating a sustainable ripple effect that strengthens entire communities. The impact goes far beyond the individual, fostering economic growth and stability in refugee settlements.


Supporting refugee entrepreneurs isn't charity, it's an investment in hope and a brighter future. By donating to Bridging Gaps, a recognized UNHCR grant recipient, you become part of a powerful movement.


Donate today and celebrate World Refugee Day with a powerful act of compassion! Join the solution and empower refugees to rebuild their lives, foster economic opportunity, and create a more peaceful world.