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To provide food security in his community, Charles needs:



Empower Charles to provide food security in his community



Charles is a South Sudanese refugee in his early twenties. He wants to open a vegetable shop to ensure food security in his community.

This is Charles' story:

"I came to the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement in 2016. I have not had any opportunities to earn money and am depending on the food which is given out by the World Food Programme. I can't afford any other basic needs for myself like I used to back in South Sudan. The only way to make a living here is to sell a little part of my food rations. This way, I can buy other necessities such as shoes, clothes or cosmetics.

As a young person it is very difficult for me to find opportunities. I wanted to get vocational training so that I could gain some knowledge and find work but I was not able get any training in the settlement. I lost my parents some years back in South Sudan, so I am here with other youths, staying together without any support guiding us to earn a positive living. With this starting help from Bridging Gaps I will be able to solve some of my problems if I'm considered for this loan. 

I want to ensure food security in my community by opening a vegetable shop. When we mapped the system as part of the Bridging Gaps workshop, what surprised me was the high demand of vegetable products in the community and the very little supply of it. This led me to my idea. 

By selling the vegetables in a location close to the community and in a small quantities, I can make them affordable to the community members."

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