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United Nations Refugee Agency's Refugee-Led Innovation Fund Winner

Transportation for Refugees in Bidibidi

In the heart of community-driven entrepreneurship, Janet Ruvowa's vision came to life as she identified a crucial need - transportation. With a strategic plan in mind, Janet and Charles Thomas collaborated to acquire a second-hand Bajaj motorcycle, addressing the pressing transportation challenges within their community.

Janet's Vision in Motion

Janet Ruvowa's entrepreneurial spirit shone brightly as she envisioned the impact of a second-hand Bajaj motorcycle on local transportation. Recognizing the power of collaboration, Charles Thomas decided to empower Janet by providing financial support for this initiative.

The Bajaj motorcycle, acquired at UGx 3,000,000/=, symbolizes more than just a practical solution; it's a testament to the strength of community-driven solutions. Janet and Charles are not merely business partners—they are catalysts for positive change.

Beyond personal gain, Janet and Charles are actively committed to repaying the loan, showcasing financial responsibility. However, their dedication goes further. They are engaged in providing essential transportation services, offering free rides to individuals in need, such as those requiring transportation to the hospital.

Community Responsibility in Action

Janet and Charles embody a strong sense of community responsibility. Their Boda-boda business extends beyond a means of livelihood—it's a source of support for the community's well-being. The provision of free rides for those in need is a testament to their commitment to social responsibility. But this entrepreneurial journey doesn't stop here. Charles Thomas, inspired by the Bridging Gaps workshop, has a vision of his own. His goal is to ensure food security in the community by opening a vegetable shop. Through mapping the system, he discovered the high demand for vegetable products with little supply. Charles aims to make vegetables affordable by selling them in small quantities, ensuring accessibility for all community members. He aims to start his vegetable business in the beginning of 2024.

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