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United Nations Refugee Agency's Refugee-Led Innovation Fund Winner

To promote eco-friendly paper industry, Selamawit Ahmed needs:



Enable Selamawit Ahmed to provide affordable printing paper to her community.



In the bustling heart of an Ethiopian city, Selamawit Ahmed, a resilient entrepreneur, shared her journey and vision. Eight years ago, she started with an internet cafe but shifted to a stationery business as technology advanced. Despite facing market challenges, her vision remaines strong: to expand her business into a paper manufacturing industry within ten years, providing affordable printing paper and job opportunities for women, especially mothers.

Selamawit Ahmed is planning to buy stationery equipment in bulk from wholesalers to offer affordable products to hotels and organizations. Her business aimes to benefit the community by reducing the need for paper imports and using recycled materials to protect forests and wildlife. Looking ahead, Selamawit Ahmed aimes to hire employees and eventually open a paper production company. 

Despite challenges, Selamawit's Ahmed determination and strategic vision positiones her as a beacon of hope in her community!