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United Nations Refugee Agency's Refugee-Led Innovation Fund Winner

To open a convenience store, Ama needs:



Enable Ama to increase access to essential goods for her community



In a small village in Northern Ghana, Ama, a resilient young woman, faced hardship early in life after becoming pregnant at 13 due to gender-based violence. Cast out by her family, she found herself on the streets with her young daughter. Despite these challenges, Ama discovered a passion for retail and envisioned opening a convenience store to provide essential goods like rice, beans, cooking oil, and household items to her community.

Ama plans to source products locally, ensuring competitive prices to attract customers and generate steady income. The store not only aims to improve convenience for villagers but also serves as a pathway to economic empowerment for Ama and a better future for her daughter. Through her determination and entrepreneurial spirit, Ama is turning her life around and bringing hope to her community.

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