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United Nations Refugee Agency's Refugee-Led Innovation Fund Winner

To expand injera and spice production in her local community, Abebaw needs:



Empower Abebaw to provide high-quality spices and injera in her community.



Seblewengel Abebaw, a single mother from rural Ethiopia, faced daily struggles to provide for her children as a manual laundry cleaner and housemaid. Her life changed when she joined the Tabitha Reach training program, learning essential life skills and how to prepare quality spices.

After completing the program, Abebaw and four other single mothers—Tigist, Rabia, Rehima, and Sara—formed Hiwot Endegena, meaning "Rebirth" in Amharic. They aimed to address the community's high demand for quality injera and spices by sourcing quality ingredients, maintaining hygienic production, and effective marketing.

The local government provided them with a workshop to prepare their products. Despite challenges and resource shortages, Abebaw and her team held daily meetings to solve problems together. Their determination helped them grow and network with more businesses.

Abebaw dreams of Hiwot Endegena supporting its members and creating job opportunities for other women. She aims to be a role model, showing that resilience and teamwork can overcome adversity and create a lasting positive impact.

Through Hiwot Endegena, Abebaw is building a legacy of empowerment and community support, inspiring others to pursue their dreams and uplift those around them.

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