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United Nations Refugee Agency's Refugee-Led Innovation Fund Winner

To establish shea butter production business, Ayisha needs:



Empower Ayisha to promote natural skincare in Ghana.



Ayisha, a young woman living in a rural village in Northern Ghana, endured unimaginable trauma during the heated Bawku conflicts. Tragically, she lost both her parents and became a victim of sexual violence, resulting in her pregnancy. Left to care for her two young siblings and her child, Ayisha faced overwhelming challenges.

Despite her hardships, Ayisha discovered a source of strength and hope in her skills. She is adept at traditional shea butter production and has a deep passion for natural skincare. Ayisha dreams of transforming her expertise into a sustainable business that not only supports her family but also benefits her community.

Using the rich, natural resources of Northern Ghana, Ayisha produces high-quality, organic shea butter. Her products are not only a testament to her resilience but also to her commitment to promoting natural skincare. Ayisha's vision is to create a line of skincare products that are both healing and nourishing, free from harmful chemicals.

Join us in helping Ayisha reach her full potential!

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