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United Nations Refugee Agency's Refugee-Led Innovation Fund Winner

To bolster local food security, Eshetu needs:



Empower Eshetu to grow the injera baking business.



In a low to middle-class neighborhood, residents face high costs and health risks from local convenience stores. To address this, a group of coworkers  decided to produce and provide affordable, safe injera (Ethiopian bread) for their community. By producing locally and being trusted community members, they aim to ensure every household can confidently and affordably enjoy safe food.

Birtukan Eshetu, a mother with eight years of marriage and one child, grew up in Hawasa outside Addis Ababa. After working as a diligent waiter in Addis Ababa, she migrated to the Middle East as a cleaner for five years and two months. Joining the N4ED program in 2019, she ventured into the injera baking business in 2021 with partners. Now, three years later, her goal is to expand production and introduce affordable machinery to support her community, particularly mothers and small business owners. She says:” My vision is to be an example for my child, demonstrating that hard work can bring positive changes to oneself, one's family, community, and country.”

Join us in helping Eshetu reach her full potential!

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