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United Nations Refugee Agency's Refugee-Led Innovation Fund Winner

To grow her clothing business, Annet needs:


300,00 €

Enable Annet to expand her clothing business.



Annet is the owner of Rukaaga & Family, a small business selling clothes for women.

Annet started her business 4 years ago when she lost her job.

“I had lost my job, I was receiving unemployment benefits and it was about to end and I didn’t know what to do. Selling clothes was the last thing on my mind. I had never been an entrepreneur before, so I wasn’t ready. I told everyone “selling clothes is not going to work”. I remember starting by selling my car. I sold it, traveled to the business town, made my first purchase and came back."

Through Rukaaga & Family Investments, she built a strong community of women and clients.

“My clients are people from all ages, from young girls to older people of every size. I have people who are super loyal to me, so much that, sometimes we receive clothes, I see the sizes and immediately I know who I am selling the clothes to. They send me a text message saying “I want this one, save it for Saturday” and they don’t even try it on.”

Social networks were a very important tool for her development and she wants to receive training to leverage them even more.

“With social networks, I started with WhatsApp. Facebook and Instagram I don’t quite understand them yet.”

Before receiving her first loan from our local partner organization Mystery Gorilla Foundation, Annet had never owned a business. Now all she thinks about is growing it.

"I imagine a future that is better off. Perhaps, perhaps, one day with a good shop with my trademark brand, which is a goal I am yet to accomplish. With a house, my own house. That’s how I imagine it."

Let's support Annet to grow her business and achieve her dreams.

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