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United Nations Refugee Agency's Refugee-Led Innovation Fund Winner

To expand their stool crafting business, Sesiria and Nsubuga need:


500,00 €

Enable the Mulongo family to expand their African stool crafting business



Nsubuga started a homebased local African stool making business in Busense Village, Uganda, two years ago as his income from a local metal scrap processing factory was too low to pay the family's bills.


"Quitting my job at the steel factory was a good decision for me after salary cuts. I now make a profit of $50 a week, compared to when I worked in the factory and earned slightly less than $20 a week."


At the start, he struggled to make any profit, working alone. He decided to try to grow the business with the help of his wife Sesiria who is a member of the savings and internal lending group of our Ugandan partner organization Mystery Gorilla Foundation (MGF).


Sesiria successfully applied through her loan group and was given an initial loan of $120 which they used to source for more durable wood cuttings and a few other materials to make the traditional African Stools.


Their two sons are helping to deliver the stools to local customers and also beautifying the stools by applying wood varnish.


Sesiria and Nsubuga dream of extending their house to create a room which will act as a workshop and together with their sons increase the number of items they produce and sell, such as bee hives, wooden utensil racks, etc. 

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