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United Nations Refugee Agency's Refugee-Led Innovation Fund Winner

To bring clean energy to his local community, David needs:


400,00 €

Enable David to buy solar panels to increase efficiency of his barber shop.



Empower David Ngala's Barber Shop with Clean Energy

Meet David Ngala, a 39-year-old barber based in the village of Mwembeshi, Lusaka, Zambia. In Mwembeshi, access to the National Electricity Grid is non-existent, resulting in limited economic opportunities. Locals resort to using razor blades for haircuts, often overlooking safety precautions due to low education levels in the area.

David Ngala recognized this challenge and took action by establishing the village's first solar-powered barber shop. By harnessing solar energy, David aims to eliminate the unhygienic practice of using used razor blades for haircuts.

However, David faces obstacles in maintaining his solar-powered setup. He acquired second-hand barbering equipment and solar panels, lacking the necessary batteries to ensure uninterrupted operation, especially during periods of low sunlight. Additionally, the solar panels he purchased are not functioning at full capacity due to their prior use.

David Ngala is seeking support to purchase new solar panels and batteries, crucial for enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of his business.

Your donation will not only enable David to improve his barber shop's operations but also promote clean energy adoption in underserved communities like Mwembeshi. By investing in David Ngala's vision, you're not just supporting a local entrepreneur; you're catalyzing positive change and advancing economic empowerment in Zambia.

Join us in empowering David Ngala's Barber Shop with clean energy. Together, we can brighten futures and create a safer, more sustainable environment for all.

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