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Why We Do This:

Our story starts with Malish James, a refugee, storyteller and founder of the Afri-Youth Network in Uganda’s Bidibidi Refugee Settlement.

Exploring the challenges in Bidibidi with Malish, we discovered a problem we want to solve: While the refugees in the community receive food aid from international organizations, they struggle to afford other basic commodities, such as new clothes for their children. So rather than eat the food, they need to exchange it in order to supply their basic needs. Instead of having to use food as a currency, we want to empower them to identify other sources of income.

Our Vision for

the Future:

We want to see a world in which everyone has the means to create the life they dream of. By using a combination of human-centered approaches, storytelling and a digital platform, we want to raise donations and distribute these as microloans in underserved communities. Instead of having to pay back the loan to a bank, the loan has to be paid back to the community. This way, the money can go to the next project, creating a ripple effect.

These are our

Core Values


At Bridging Gaps, we take immense pride in our innovative and unique approach, cherishing it's adaptability that allows us the freedom for boundless creativity.


We promote trust through transparency towards all our partners and by maintaining personal relationships.


As an entrepreneur from the world's poorest communities, optimism is vital. That’s why it's a key element at Bridging Gaps, where doing good is easy and fun.

Shifting the Power

Co-founded and co-led with the initial refugee community, Bridging Gaps prioritizes inclusive decision-making and community-led projects for empowering and sustaining supported communities.


We build connections between the Global North and the Global South, striving to nurture enduring relationships for everyone involved.


In our diverse team, we prioritize care and compassion for each other, our partners, and microloan recipients, fostering an inclusive and respectful environment.

Our Team

Janina Peter

Bridging Gaps Team - Janina
Founder and CEO

🇩🇪 Germany

Danielle Marques

Bridging Gaps Team - Danielle
Partnerships & Community Manager

🇧🇷 Brazil

Malish James

Bridging Gaps Team - Malish

🇺🇬 🇸🇸  Uganda / South Sudan

Katharina Korte

Bridging Gaps Team - Katharina
Communication Manager

🇩🇪 Germany

Andreas Kästner

Bridging Gaps Team - Andreas
Operations Manager

🇩🇪 Germany

Letícia Niehues

Bridging Gaps Team - Letícia
Fundraising Manager

🇧🇷 Brazil

Aida Letaru

Bridging Gaps Team - Aida

🇺🇬 Uganda

Anne Thürnau


🇩🇪 Germany

Wiebke Meyer Lüters


🇩🇪 Germany



Jaclyn Huang

Bridging Gaps Team - Jaclyn

🇩🇪 🇹🇼 Germany / Taiwan

Charlene Mwangi

Bridging Gaps Team - Charlene

🇰🇪 Kenya

Samuel Kinuthia

Bridging Gaps Team - Samuel
Tech Manager

🇰🇪 Kenya

Open Positions

Legal Operations

open volunteering position

🇩🇪 Germany

  • You have a background in law, administration or a related field? 
We are looking for someone to navigate us through the German legal jungle, support our ongoing incorporation process, support internal processes like contracts with partners or volunteers, support design and structure of other legal documents, an HR handbook, donation receipts, and other processes as needed.
  • Ideally you will bring some experience within the German non-profit sector.
  • Volunteer 5-10 hours per week



🇧🇷 Brazil

  • We are looking for someone to support us in finding and applying for grants.
  • Volunteer 5-10 hours per week

Community Support


🇺🇬 🇸🇸  Uganda / South Sudan

  • We are looking for someone to provide support for our microloan recipients, to address their needs and build further capacities where necessary, ensuring the successful implementation and continuation of projects.
  • Volunteer 5-10 hours per week
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